Geek Vape 2-IN-1 Clapton Prebuilt Coils (ON SALE)


Geek Vape 2-IN-1 Clapton Prebuilt Coils

Geek Vape provides a prebuilt coil that is great for custom vape builders looking for high-performance pre-built coil builds. Every single Clapton pre-built coil is machine twisted for precise and consistent building material. Each 2-IN-1 Coil set comes with 2 different types of ready-to-be-use coils that come to a total of 8.

Geek Vape F201 Fused Clapton Coil 2-in-1 Features:     

Fused Clapton Coil*4

  • 24ga*2 (parallel)(KA1) + 32ga(N80)

  • 6 Wraps - 0.25ohm - 3mm Diameter

Fused Clapton Coil*4

  • 26ga*2 (parallel)(KA1) + 36ga(N80)

  • 6 Wraps - 0.3ohm - 3mm Diameter

    Geek Vape F202 Framed Staple Coil 2-in-1 Features:     

    Framed Staple Twisted Coil*4

    • (26GA*2 Twisted + 26GA*2)(KA1) + 32GA(N80)

    • 4 Wraps - 0.2ohm - 3mm Diameter

     Framed Staple Fused Clapton Coil*4

    • [(34GA*5 + 32GA)+26ga*2](KA1) + 32ga(N80)

    • 4 Wraps - 0.25ohm - 3mm Diameter

    Geek Vape F203 Framed Staple Coil 2-in-1 Features:     

    N80 Fused Clapton Coil*4

    • 26ga*2 + 38ga

    • Nichrome

    • 6 Wraps - 0.35ohm - 3mm Diameter

    N80 Fused Clapton Coil*4

    • 28ga*3 + 40ga

    • Nichrome

    • 4 Wraps - 0.4ohm - 3mm Diameter

    Geek Vape F204 Staple Clapton Coil 2-in-1 Features:   

    Framed Fused Clapton Coil*4

    • [26ga*2+(0.5/0.1mm+36a)]+32ga 

    • KA1/N80

    • 5 Wraps - 0.3ohm - 3mm Diameter

    Framed Staggered Clapton Coil*4

    • 26GA*2+(26ga+32ga)+ 36GA

    • KA1/N80

    • 5 Wraps - 25ohm - 3mm Diameter

      Package Includes: 

      • 8 x Geek Vape Prebuilt Coils

      • 1 x Coil Tool

      • Protective packaging box

          Warning: These coils are for a Sub-Ohm resistance atomizer and only work on mechanical mod or devices. Please make sure you have a great understanding and technical knowledge on how to use mods and batteries that can handle Sub-Ohm coils. 

          NOTE: When it comes to using RDA, RTA, and RDTA, we strongly recommended to wash and clean all the atomizers thoroughly and carefully. 

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