Sick of Smoking, Tried to Quit, But Failed? Then Maybe It’s Time to Give Vaping a Go!

Sick of Smoking, Tried to Quit, But Failed? Then Maybe It’s Time to Give Vaping a Go!

If you have tried to quit smoking using traditional nicotine replacement
therapies but failed, then perhaps it’s time that you had a good look at vaping! Vaping has exploded in popularity around the world, and for a very good reason. There are quite a lot of negative news stories based around vaping, but slowly the truth is beginning to shine through. Not only is vaping more affordable than traditional cigarettes, but it’s also safer and better for you.  

 A study by Public Health England found that vaping was up to 95% better for your health than smoking traditional cigarettes. They also studied the effects of second-hand vapor on people, the effects of vapor on lungs and tissue, and how the public vaping and electronic cigarettes. Interestingly, one of the things which they discovered was that as much as 45% of the people surveyed were unaware of how much safer vaping was than cigarettes.
 Vaporizers or e-cigarettes have come a long way from the disposable types which you could purchase from gas stations and convenience stores. Now, you can buy temperature control mods, box mods, sub-ohm mods and the beginner style ego pen or tune style vaporizers. They are affordable, easy to use and operate and come with a large variety of different options to allow vapers to fine tune or modify their equipment. Along with the large variety of vaporizer equipment now available, you also have a much larger variety of e-liquid or e-juice to choose from. From drinks, candy, cakes, cereal, fruits and even traditional cigar or cigarette flavors, the choices are endless!
If you have been struggling to quit smoking, and finding it hard to replicate that sensation of smoking, then perhaps it’s time to give vaping a look!


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Franklin - March 25, 2018




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