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Vape shopping: buying online vs vape shops

by Patrick Beltran on July 14, 2017

Vape shopping: buying online vs vape shops

our vape budget hands have been itching lately for something new. With all of the vape deals posted daily to our site and others, does it even pay to buy from your local stores anymore? Hold on…

When it comes to buying vape stuff, at some point you’ll be confronted with this dilemma: do you buy online or go to your local brick and mortar? There are a lot of factors that may go into that decision. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying online vs. going to a Vape Shop to figure out which is best for you.


Pros of buying online   

  • Wider range of choices
  • Easier to find a deal
  • It’s all about the vape mail
  • No pressure to buy
  • Always open
Cons of buying online
  • The waiting game
  • No face-to-face assistance
  • Inconvenient return policies
  • Limited to pictures and specs



Pros of buying at your local Vape shop 

  • Able to handle products
  • Instant feedback
  • Community
  • Convenience
  • Supporting (good) local businesses

Cons of buying at your local Vape shop

      • Higher prices
      • Limited store hours
      • Sometimes unknowledgeable employees
      • Limited selection
      • Often stricter return policies
      • Upselling/sales tactics


So which route is better? At the end of the day, there’s really no right answer. It depends on your situation and what you prefer to deal with. Both buying choices have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it really comes down to personal preference.

I personally prefer to buy my juice in a shop where I can sample flavors and talk to other people about new juice flavors, and ask questions about other products. Vape shops are great places to discover new products. My favorite part about buying from brick and mortars is the feeling that you are actually contributing to a local business that’s in it for the right reasons. When I see a shop that values helping people transition off cigarettes over profit, they get my money.

However, when it comes down to buying a mod or tank that I have been researching, I can usually wait it out and buy online, especially since I have plenty of stuff to vape in the meantime. Another reason why I sometimes buy from online shops is to take advantage of pre-order sales. It feels good being the first to own a hot new product, especially when you get a great deal on it. Of course, if you’re not first to own something, you might find out that it sucks and save some cash.

Where do YOU go for your vape purchases? Online, vape shops or both? Why? We want to hear about it, leave us a comment below…





Dave Kriegel