The Hottest E-Liquids of 2017 Guaranteed to Get You Hooked to Vaping in No Time!

What’s new and what’s hot about vaping? Not just the fact that more and more people are turning to vaping but there are also new E-liquid blends in the market causing quite a stir. The fun thing about vaping is that you can check out a variety of E-juices, flavors and liquids; there is always something new from a promising seller. If you are looking something unique with a kick then you will absolutely love these new vape E-liquids in the market today. Here are a few of the best of the best in no particular order:

Space Jam E-Juice 

Space Jam Juice has nine awesome flavors ranging from fruity and creamy to minty and wild. You will surely find the flavor that will captivate your senses. This vendor has a good reputation online which is why it is widely popular. One of the most popular Space Jam flavor is Andromeda which ranks as one of the best  

Naked 100 Naked 100

Naked 100 Eliquid is a brand manufactured by The Shwartz E-Liquid group. They Specialize in fruity Vape flavors that have made them into one of the most reputable Vape eliquid companies on the market. Their more natural sweet tasting vape that doesn’t rely solely on the hype to keep you interested. For 2017 they have expanded their line to accommodate other vape tastes with their Candy, Tobacco, & Dessert flavors.

 Beard Vape CO. Beard Vape Co.

 Beard Vape Co. based out of Culver City CA, made it on to our list due to their ability to innovate and always come out with quality vape products. Started by two brothers who got the name who got the name from their father who always had a huge Beard. They name all their products by number to keep things easy and simple. All their eliquids are made in a sterile mixing environment with USA sourced food grade products and flavorings. They wanted to make flavors everyone could enjoy and relate to. This year they just released their new line of juices  with colors as names and are focused to more subtle desert flavors.


Mt. Baker VaporMount Baker Vapor

Mt. Baker is a true blue American blend that has an extensive collection of vape flavors to choose from. Choose from top flavors like their beverage flavors, desserts, spices, candles, nuts, fruits and more. Mt. Baker is responsible for top vape E-liquids like Hawk Sauce with is sweet and sour berries with a touch of menthol and Moo Juice for strawberries and cream.

Pinup Vapors E- Juice 

 This is a St. Louis company that creates the sweetest and strongest vape blends with a touch of the 1950s. Choose from five fruit and dessert juices ranging from sweet, tarty, vanilla and custardy flavors. Get to know the pinup girls too like Lana, Betty, Marilyn and Victoria. Pinup Vapors have five lovely flavors each with their respective kick.

Suicide Bunny E-Juice

This is a Texas-based company with a strong local following. Among their popular blends is Mother’s Milk which has attracted a lot of vapers because of its strong and consistent flavor being an aged E-liquid. If you love Suicide Bunny’s cartoonish bottle labels you will love their flavors like snickerdoodle cookie, banana juice and cinnamon.  Tastes like sweet cake; this is what a lot of vapers think about this vape brand.

Mitten Vapors E Juice 

Count them, 45 delicious breakfast, dessert and candy flavors to choose from at Mitten Vapors.  Vapers also can’t get enough of the unique E-liquid names including SInkingShip which is a combination of cream, peanut butter, banana and chocolate and their ever popular Buddha’s Blend which is coffee, Irish cream and butterscotch.

Mech Sauce

Mech Sauce is one of the top E-juice brands because it has an extensive 47-flavor army and is very affordable too. Popular Mech Sauce flavors include Captain Loop which tastes like milk and Fruit Loops, Empress Milk which is strawberry custard and Berry Sabotage which is milk and Captain Crunch cereal. You can chose from 70 to max VG varieties with six nicotine levels. Spread the word that a 30ml bottle of Mech Sauce is just $6.50, one of the most affordable liquids in the market today.

So have you made your choice among our list? Glad to have helped and happy vaping to you all.


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